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So much fun

Love playing

WAS great

Had a blast playing until the latest update. A slot game with cool visuals and you didn’t have to pay like most/all of the others. Before the update I would casually get to 10-30+ mil every night just using daily bonuses/timed bonuses and watching videos. Since the update from a couple days ago the winnings have dried up. Not going to pay real money to gamble for fake money. Game is crap now.

Do not download

Their customer service is a joke! I’ve never experienced such flagrant disregard for professionalism than I have dealing with this company. This game progressively gets worse and worse. They find new ways to make you lose and then right after or before a loss occurs they annoyingly say “buy more coins”, because we made you lose so now buy coins.

Slot games

I’m enjoying playing these game they are so entertaining

Slots 🏆

Cool game , very addictive!

Love It

This game is so addicting that I had to download Big Casino too! 😃 The people, the clubs, the games and bonuses! What more could you ask for 😄

Public Service Announcement

The app is fun. My only complaint is that even if you block someone, they can still play with you at the tables. If anyone has the misfortune of running into a player named Touchthesun, I recommend blocking them immediately. They harass and post nasty comments to people at the tables. Perhaps if enough people block and report them, they will be banned. I have personally been attacked by them and have seen them attack other players as well. So, if you see Touchthesun, whose profile picture is a horse....block and stay away from them!!!!

It’s a distraction at least

Hard to figure out ur bet amount or how much u won on which lines


Big fish is entirely smoke and mirrors now. If you spend, be prepared to lose, lose and lose some more, until you spend again. That is the primary objective of Big Fish. There is no loyalty for longevity in spending, and they could care even less about the friends you’ve made. Your usefulness is only as good as your ability to spend. While this may sound harsh to some, it is an inconvenient truth. I continue to marvel at the 4.6 rating...same as the old Big Fish rating. Sadly, Apple has turned a blind eye to pirates, and its biggest supporters. Sad but true.




Fun !!!!

Love the game!

So much fun and very relaxing and realistic!


Better than the mother slot period

Love this game

Lots of fun Great sounds Great action Get on board for hours of relaxing joy! Ron lucky guy 007


It awesome to play


I love it!!!

Excellent app!

This app is absolutely worth it. I play it everyday with absolutely no problems. Lots of slots all are great. Best app I've downloaded yet!!

Don’t believe a word. The good reviews are fake.

just like the bulk of the players in the game rooms that are chip rich, nameless, and faceless. It’s so easy to spot them and not just by their chip balance but mainly by their personal stats. I look at the fake player stats and they are very low 9 out 10. By low i mean they’re spin count will be in the low 1k-2k area. A long time seasoned player will in in the 6 figures. In Spotlight Millionaire (where a player is announced a millionaire every 15 mins) 9xs out of 10 is a fake player created by BIg Fish to make it look like a real person is winning. Big Fish has their finger on each individual player at all times and that explains the sudden boot from a room or a disconnect when a player is about to win. If you pay 10.00 to play you will instantly lose because they want to get you so upset for losing that you’ll pay another 10.00, and the same thing will happen and most of the complete idiots who play will keep forking over more and more money. When a player is known to pay and pay and pay they are put into a category that is “no win” because Big Fish counts on them to keep paying and those idiots never disappoint. When The current owners bought out the franchise they did an assessment of just who the big spenders/constant spenders were and automatically placed them in a no win category betting they would continue to keep paying for losing. If you enjoy being disappointed please sign up here this will never let you down you will be inundated with disappointment. They go through support help like eating popcorn at the movies. Once the support staffers find out about how absurdly wrong and pathetic the company runs Big Fish Casino and the fact they are forced to routinely lie and make false assessments of how things are run they can no longer sleep at night so they quit. I’ve read dozens of the other. reviews here and the reviews that state the same as i do or about the other bad things are pretty spot on. Notice the good reviews are 3-4-5 words long? That is because they are typed out by fake players or staff who flood this review lineup with guickie LOVE THIS GAME reviews so the the overall rating stays near the high mark. The wins are stripped down to try again next time or you will be disconnected and have to write the support staff begging for your win. Big Fish knows most wont bother writing to support so they just keep getting away with it. Oh and if a player hasn’t written a review they will bribe you with a few big wins daily and following the few big wins will be a screen asking you to review them.....that’s how pathetic they are

Best way to spend entertainment night yet!

It's been Magical Jackpots for me since I started playing!


You only win if u buy in to it it’s Only fun till they make u buy more coins the odds change quickly

Fun but you lose quickly!

I love slot games and I’ve played many from the App Store but BIG FISH is kind of a rip sometimes. They develop reels that “build up” money or items but half the time you don’t have enough coins to keep spinning so you lose out on what you would have won. Maybe I’m just unlucky at computerized games but heck, I feel like if you’re going to bet big you should win more than a quarter of your bet back. When you are betting 125k-1M per spin, you should get more than 25k back... just my opinion. It takes too long to level up once you get to the higher numbers and I end up losing more than I win. The games are designed to make you spend your own money! It’s supposed to be for entertainment purposes but it’s not fun to spend your own money and lose it within a few minutes.

No wins

I play this game everyday for about 5 minutes until my chips are gone. No fun at all.

Warning Warning

I bought HUNDREDS over this last weekend. And more this last month. Stupid of me! Yes! No response from VIP services.I have ZERO chips.It is so NOT worth it. DON'T BUY!!! Don't even get started on this app.

Fun game

Great and amazing game

Mr Ho

So much fun and relaxing. Can not wait to get up in the morning

Jackpot Magic

Best game ever.....! All day enjoyment... Keep up the good work...

Love it

Love love love it!!


Too tight terrible and want Money.

Free entertainment

Fun to to play. You can be a winner!!!!!


One of the best slot games I've played

Suspect Bots / Possibly Hackers

Love the game, but seeing a huge increase in what appears to be bots or hackers: (1) Recurring use of odd words as player name combinations (2) Players with no gifting history (3) Players with few likes (4) Players with large number of coins not spinning (5) Clubs rising to upper tiers without active spinners

Wonderful game

They will profile you. Fun game but if I could go back and never download it I would. Very addictive! People are angry to say the least.

Fun game but has some bugs

I have been playing this game daily for close to year! I love it! But twice in the last 2 weeks I haven’t gotten my daily spin and when that happens it starts my count of playing everyday all over! This has been costing me 250,000 daily in rewards. Tried to contact big fish the first time it happened with no response. If they can manage to get this fixed will change to 5 star rating

Freaky but AWESOME nonetheless..

if this is ur way of handling ppl i have got to say i am MOST impressed BF, JPC, which ever u are..😁👍🤑🤗🤯..now get out of my life..MEOW, THANK YOU!! GL & happy spinning!!

Big Ripoff

This app used to be fun but it was purchased by game mogul Aristocrat in 11/2017 and they are absolutely one of the greediest gaming companies in the world. Since then it’s been downhill all the way. Slots are so tight it’s impossible to win. And yep they give you some free coins but you will lose those in less than 5 minutes. Then they will spam the dickens out of you to buy more fake coins to continue playing. And even if you buy - you will still lose. All they care about is forcing players to pay to play. Google the news about Aristocrat Big Fish - they have tripled their revenue in the last 6 months due to these greedy game tactics. Also a Federal court ruled their games constitute illegal online gambling in WA. Beware!!!


Idk,i think that if you know how to play,u can be playing for hours and hours,thats what i do when i have time...

Love it

Love this game jackpots are amazing

The game is rigged to lose!! Don't waste your real money for fake

Can't win all zeros now that they came up with this club bonuses.. you play and your club members reap the rewards but you don't!! Only 4 of my club members play and win the rest just collect bonuses and daily rewards.. such bs bf!! Going to collect my daily bonuses and stay away until you fix the win button... it's too bad cause the actual game is fun and great graphics. AND I REFUSE TO SPEND MY REAL MONEY FOR FAKE POINTS TO LOSE.. Never have bought points and NEVER WILL!! Only fools do 😂

Big fish

This game is fun and i love it


I do like this game but it is greedy! It rarely gives you big wins and if you ever pay for more coins, you lose even quicker! It does have a few fun games just wish the games weren’t so tight!

Too tight of slots

Slots are too tight to even have fun. Do not recommend wasting your time with this app. It’s a scam. Had to give 4 stars for it to even post my review.

Lots of fun

This is such a great site to play slots. The timed bonuses keep me playing and winning! You will have tons of fun too!!!

My favorite game ever.

I have played many types of games but eventually get bored with them. I had played about 5 slots games when I first started this one and after a few weeks I deleted all the games off of my phone. I have joined a club and that gives you more coins to play with. You will win big and then not so big but the balance works perfectly to keep me addicted. I have enjoyed having other club members to cheer me on and I have recently become a co-leader. Now I get to cheer people on and we get to celebrate moving up levels. We are there for each other when we don’t win as well. Overall, after this game I don’t have the time nor want to waste my time with another game. Hope you enjoy this game as much as I do and good luck. 🍀

Terrible App!!

This App has become the worst App ever!! So GREEDY taking peoples hard earned money for FAKE CHIPS with all ZEROS!!! Has been REPORTED to the BBB!!! Change your ways BFC or you will be BROKE!!!


Love playing slots ! Thank you !💕❤️💗💕❤️💗


Best game ever guys love it For life keep playing for real people who can make a difference in the world gamblers


Loved this game until I checked the sales today. My daughter gets 12M for 9.99 and I only get 6M. Not fair

Scam. Do Not Download!

Used to be a fun game. Everyone understands that the odds favor the House, but the new ownership has stranglehold those odds so heavily that the occasional win for the player is so far and few between that the idiot owners ruined the fun and eroded any chance of revenue from these players. Only a die-hard player who doesn’t care about losing his money would purchase coins. Also, the fake reviews are hilarious. Extolling and promoting the very things about which people are complaining. Coincidence? Or, a fake review? You decide. If you have enough experience or frustration or both playing either Big Fish Casino or Jackpot Magic City, you’ll figure out that the positive reviews are largely fake.

Paid review

Been having fun playing this not to shabby for big daddy matty. PROSPER


The Odds of winning are terrible, they just want you to spend your hard earned cash for more coins where 20$ gets you about 15min of spinning. I mean come if you gave us 100mil for 20$ I would be more then happy to support this.

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