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Great (without Reels)

Core games in this app are great and very addicting. Playing with teams makes it even more fun. Then they introduced two daily “reels” tournaments. The idea is great but they weighted reels to heavily and for a team to be competitive then all team members must play reels at every opportunity (every day at 3 and 9 pm CST). Of course, If these times don’t correlate with your schedule (like you have a job), you and your team will suffer. Maybe a better approach would be to have flexible time ranges to complete each session. That, or lower the weighting of this tournament so it doesn’t dominate team results. Personally, I’d like to see developers do both. I ended up dropping my team because Reels tournament play times were so inflexible and participation was so important. Please make this a more friendly game for people with jobs and inflexible schedules!!!

So far so good

Very good game so far haven't been kicking me out like grape slots and better than huuuge I hope they appreciate the players and glad they have clubs and you can chat hopefully more people will join gl

Lots of fun

This is such a great site to play slots. The timed bonuses keep me playing and winning! You will have tons of fun too!!!



Where is the new game

I downloaded the updated version which promised i would finally have access to the new blast away game previously only for vip. The game is now completely gone.

Big fish slots

I started playing this 2 months ago and have spent 350.00. The first 100.00 I had fun and won for a good 10 days. The next 100.00 wasn’t as good and the 100.00 I purchased 2 days ago was a joke. I got less coins for the 100.00 and won a couple small jackpots and I played like I normally do. I think it’s very misleading and they want you to do tournaments which I paid 6.5Million to enter and didn’t get the 26million I was supposed to earn. It even took 13M of my coins. What a ripoff. It makes me sick that I spend hard earned money for their coins and I don’t even get a week of winning. I will stick to casinos where you expect to win and lose. I read reviews and this game has a lot of bad reviews which I wish I had read before I spent so much money. I never spend this kind of money on slots but they made it so fun in the beginning.



Pay outs

This game is ok doesn’t pay much at all

Fun Slots!

I'm having a great time on this slots app! I love all my Big Fish games!

Not fun!

Don't believe all this 5 star reviews the game it's horrible and greedy all the want is your money.


Love it so addicting recommend

Was good now not so much

When I first downloaded this app I thought wow, finally a slot app that lets me play for longer than 5 min without going broke. Gives me occasional jackpots and isn’t an obvious money grab. Since it’s most recent update those days are long gone. Now BF is just like all of the rest, and like the rest will probably end up as a deleted app soon.


Incredіbleѕ 2 Game is the best platform adventure for my kids everything has been carefully designed n it is Incredible, have a lot of fun. its a Idle Miner Tycoon .


Great slots & lots of BIG JACKPOTS!! Lovein it!!


Love this, so much fun. Love Big Fish, the greatest


Love the game, spent very lil money and I love that. I play everyday.

Lady Cream

Love playing this game. Lots of fun and helps me to relax. I also play big fish games. Very addictive for me. Very relaxing after work.

Undying love

I love this game, I can play for hours.

Fun game

Try it


Great game

Good fun

Great fun for not a lot of money. You can play on free coins for hours actually. The games and clubs are fun.

Rigged game

The only fun thing about the game is chatting with friends. The games are so tight that it’s difficult to win. If you do, it won’t be like no before your winnings are gone. I certainly wouldn’t buy any chips unless you enjoy throwing your money out the window.

Greedy app

Big Fish was bought by Aristocrat 11/2017 & since then it’s gone totally downhill. They’ve tightened the slots so much it’s impossible to win. Scatters are few & jackpots are turned off or not accessible. It takes hundreds of spins & millions of coins to play. And they constantly dun you to pay real money to buy FAKE coins to keep playing but you still lose. Thousands of players are complaining. Comments are in their profiles. Don’t believe positive reviews. All the owners care about is your money. Google the recent news on Big Fish Aristocrat. Their revenue has tripled in the last 6 months due to greedy game tactics. And a Federal judge recently ruled that their games constitute illegal online gambling. Beware!!!

Fun Fun Fun


Good game


Unbelievable Fun

Addictive game play huge mega payouts non stop enjoyment


Food games ❤️

Freezes a lot

The game freezes a lot such that you have to restart your iPhone or iPad often!


Enjoy playing the slots good rewards

Jackpot Magic

Love them slots , can't wait to play after work !! Thanks

Money pit!

I gave it 2 stars because I like playing the game. it’s great graphics and speed is great. I understand that the odds are in favor of the house but that’s at a real casino. I would like to believe that since it is a game and I’m not doing it for real money that it would be about 50/50. I have spent about $20 on the game which I wouldn’t mind if the coins I purchased lasted more than 2 minutes. Spin after spin you lose. If you win and you start to see you winnings Diminish faster than they came. Every spin you’re just happy if you get what you bet. If you bet 225k you get 6,000 and they consider it a big win hahaha. Don’t plan on spending too much time being entertained by this game. If you’re waiting in line somewhere and you’re just wanting to waste a few minutes possibly a day with the little freak. They give you but I guess you could download it otherwise just try to find something else because they’re just too greedy

Mr Ho

So much fun and relaxing. Can not wait to get up in the morning

Amazing slots

Awesome game

Hours of fun!

I love relaxing and playing all the fun slots!


Love the graphics. Need more wins, tho. M

Love it

Great game! Loving it.

Add Gold Bars!!!

I play on both big fish games and love them both but really wish that Jackpot had gold like Big fish does. It’s really the only thing I dislike about this version over the other game.

That’s my view point

Cool game


Do not spend money on this. It is a scam. You have no chance of winning. It will just take it all back. You have better odds in a real casino...don’t be stupid


This slot pays more and I've had a lot of fun still leveling up so still unlocked new slots and mystery gifts .

Great game need more coins. Lol

Addicting game. Really fun

Not impressed

It dose not hit like the other big fish casino the coin packages are expensive and u don’t get many chips . you can not earn gold on scatters to use towards purchase of chips


It’s a great game but it always balances out because you gain a huge amount and then you lose a little bit more than you gain can like casinos go case in point there it is


Love it😎😍love it‼️‼️ very addictive!!!!😎😎😎😎

They disabled my ACCOUNT?!?

I was loving the game when I got off and came back on they asked for my age and my picture I’m 24 and I put my picture then I came back on 5 minutes later and they disabled my account do not buy this I deleted this app!

Slot magic

The most excellent fun!!!!!! Love the games. Always adding new games❤️


Can’t stop playin

Jackpot Magic

I love it. :D

Very dishonest

Such a waste of time. This company has a total lack of integrity. It most definitely is not a free app. Of course they let you win lots as soon as you sign up, but then it is all downhill from there. If you write in with a complaint, you will never win again. Run from this very dishonest company. The majority of the positive reviews are not from real people, just like the fake billionaires on the game. Just a warning to you.

Debra needed a lift

Was is so fun I won immediately and still am fun fun fun

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