Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino App recensioner


Fun games

Great game!

Love this game!


Terrible APP Can literally lose $100 worth of fake chips in 15 minutes. Odd are as if you’re trying to win gold or something of value versus more fake chips!


This game is a joke! Has a lot of nice features but you have NO chance of winning or staying in a club without spending money.

Watch your account

Keep track of your coins. One day they’re there and next day mysteriously gone. Don’t reach out to get assistance because they’re useless.


Good app to have for fun times. Thank Oct 17, 17 STill. Love this app!! Oct 25. Good app-- enjoyable!!! EH Nov 2. Always a fun time!! Nov 11 love GOOD games 2-26-18. Still having fun in level 3. EH March 14 Fun app with Good win payouts!!! EH March 22,18. Still here!!!!! 3-30-18. I appreciate FREE chips. Thanks BF!!! 4-5-18. Good app!! Get it! 4-13-18. I think everyone needs both BF apps and price is right!!! Apr 21, 18. Always fun but watch out. Can eat funds up. EH Ape 28, 18 Still going strong n Lovin it! May 12 Best of the BF games I've found!!! EH Sept 2 ,18 Still my Fave!!!! Thanks, BF Sept 24, 18 Fave over A year now. EH Oct 1--18 Great job!!!! EH OCT 18, 18 Fun app. EH

Awful DO NOT ever buy

Cannot win so do not waste your money as you will not ever be able to keep chips!

Don’t waste your money

Have fun unless you run out of free coins. Do not waste any money on this game. You would have better odds if you played real slots in Las Vegas and for real money. This game is addictive and once you are hooked, your odds decrease immensely. This gaming company was sold to an Australian company, and they are exceptionally greedy.


Great fun game!!!!

This game makes me happy

I am disabled and this game helps me through tough times cirquesirelamd

So far good

Like this app. It’s been good so far. Only played it a few times but I like it.


7 I love you



odds are bad

i been playing and buying for a while . the more i buy the more i looooose.. i get they hve to mke their money but they sucked the fun out of this game . loooosing players daily !!!!!

Jackpot Magic Slots

JPMS...! I will always play your Awesome games! I really like the new games that was added Big Fish. Keep up the good work😁. G Davis

Slow Loding and on coins.

Y u so slow on loding brooo and I not get my coins you promised😡

Big Ripoff

This app used to be fun but it was purchased by game mogul Aristocrat in 11/2017 & they are absolutely one of the greediest gaming companies in the world. Since then it’s been downhill all the way. Slots are so tight it’s impossible to win. And yep they give you some free coins but you will lose those in less than 5 minutes. Then they will spam the dickens out of you to buy more fake coins to continue playing. And even if you buy - you will still lose. All they care about is forcing players to pay to play. Google the news about Aristocrat Big Fish - they have tripled their revenue in the last 6 months due to these greedy game tactics. Also a Federal court ruled their games constitute illegal online gambling in WA. Beware!!!

You’re awesome


Best game ever

Love it!

Love it spin and win

Love it spin and win

Probably not

I do enjoy the game but there is not much to play with on a regular basis. I spent one dollar on the game so I feel like I get even way more than the free player. I get to play for a few minutes every day unless I get surprisingly lucky and get a few minutes more Among the ftp slot games it does seem better than the rest. But still not even adequate.


I have not been able to maintain a chip balance for 4 weeks. You promote Reel Rivals, yet I can’t even collect enough chips to play. This is the same thing that happened to your other games. You take a great social game and ruin it! Odds are better in a real casino!

Lots of fun

This is such a great site to play slots. The timed bonuses keep me playing and winning! You will have tons of fun too!!!

I hate this game now you shut down my account for not reson

I hate this game now you shut down my account for no reson!!!

Don’t bother

Used to be fun. Now you can’t even play a decent length of time before going broke. Makes being in a club that much more annoying. I refuse to spend real money on this stupid game. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Love it!

Love being in teams to work together towards a common goal.


Love this, so much fun. Love Big Fish, the greatest

Jackpot Magic

Great game best slots in the ap store!Lots of free chips.

Complete BS!

This game is fun, but it’s an absolute rip off....the description is a total lie....you don’t win and the more you buy the less likely you are to win....sad to see this app go in the toilet!

No more fun

Bf used to be the best online casino,but lately because of greedy bf has become the most greedy casino app,I buy every months to support bf but stop buying because no more fun because of their greedy Don’t waste money on this app

Loosen up!

I love the game and the people I have met on Jackpot Slots! The game is no fun at all if you are waiting on vaults for a month because NOTHING hits at all! Don’t remember when the last time any of my team members have hit a mini just playing the game...we all end up for weeks waiting on vaults! All I ask is to loosen up a bit...please! Thank you for listening...well I hope you listen!

7slot game

Fun game.


3 stars for best slot game. The rest are money talk. Buy to keep up with the game. Buy enough to be rich. Pay your life to become richest on the leaderboard. The choice is yours.


You deleted my favorite game :(:(

Fun Times

Fun for all seasons. Well presented with great graphics.

Big Fish slots

Very enjoyable and find right club and have fun

False advertisement

It says watch videos to get some casino cash, but everytime i play a video it doesnt give me crap what the hell is this scheme?

Public Service Announcement

The app is fun. My only complaint is that even if you block someone, they can still play with you at the tables. If anyone has the misfortune of running into a player named Touchthesun, I recommend blocking them immediately. They harass and post nasty comments to people at the tables. Perhaps if enough people block and report them, they will be banned. I have personally been attacked by them and have seen them attack other players as well. So, if you see Touchthesun, whose profile picture is a horse....block and stay away from them!!!! Edit: He must be feeling some heat bc he changed his name to Sun and has one of the generic profile pictures of a fairy.

OK game

Very bad game let me in the game. When I could play before it was fun.

Most addictive game

I been playing for a year now. It seems the odds have tightened a lot, but the games are fun and you get free vaults for coins. Overall very good but there is room for improvement. More 9 figure wins are needed. It seems you can truck through millions very quickly only to see eye raising jackpots disappear quickly. Open up those type of wins and I think more people would buy. Put an add at the open to make your money and give more wins to your players. Simply put it is the most addictive game I have played! 🤑


This is fun!


Complete trash. I understand the need to pay bills with an app this big, but the amount of wins vs. losses is pathetic. If you’re looking for a casino game to dink around in and not win anything (albeit fake chips) then you have found the game for you! If you are wanting something that you can enjoy playing, I’ve found watching paint dry is WAY MORE ENTERTAINING. If you purchase fake chips with real money, you “might” win. It’s not completely guaranteed. The “tournaments” aren’t random. The wins aren’t random. If you aren’t in the winning algorithm, you are simply just wasting your time away. The games themselves are fun, entertaining, inventive and the graphics are great. The concept that you can rank up and enjoy your “friends” is a joke. People with multi hundred millions or billions typically ruin scatter pots, some people bully, most are creepers posting graphic pics on their profiles. More often than not, you are squatting in a scatter room waiting for other people to feed you chips because you don’t want to spend your real money. I may be the exception but my kids needs are a tad more important than a corporations profits. At least make it attainable to have fun. Winning once every other month for a grand total of 40 minutes in a 24-hour period is absurd. Shame on you. Shame on your app. Shame on your programmers and shame on your ethics.

El mejor

Muy bueno

Do not waste your time

The company that created the game sold it recently and all the complaints and losses can be directly attributed to this. A simple google search will show you the sale and the money that exchanged hands. The company that bought this has made it a miserable experience for all except those who spend big. There are multiple lawsuits pending against this company and please... if you download this app... NEVER pay them a dime

Fun fun fun

Love it

Paid for coins and never received.

I made several purchases in this game and they went through fine. But my last purchase I paid $9.99 and did not get my coins. I went through their long process of sending them a detailed email and never received a response or my coins I paid for.

Win big

5 of kind is soooo sweet. Large payouts


I would like to know why my coins went down from 250 to 30. I have not missed a day playing

Good game

It’s very good game to Buiding your confidence and expect the finance in your mind .

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